Ajabu expresses his gratitude and is amazed in particular that honey badgers actually exist, as he never believed that something that looks and smells like Bunga could possibly be real. This includes Fuli the cheetah, Beshte the hippopotamus and Ono the egret. Ono dejectedly confesses that he forgot, and the Guard apologize to Makuu. After Simba explains to his son that it is now his turn to lead the Lion Guard, Bunga grows very excited. Bunga also has a soft spot for baby animals. Lolly, JoJo's Circus Kip | Bunga lands on the crocs instead of the water. Bunga is the adoptive nephew of Timon and Pumbaa, Kion's best friend, a former member of the Lion Guard and a current member of the Night Pride. He stubbornly crosses his arms and glares when Kion claims that they heard it from him. He dangles the honey badger, hoping that he tastes better than he smells. The hippo removes his head from behind the rock and joins the group. Disney The Lion Guard Bunga Honey Badger Plush Stuffed Animal 7" toy NWT . Sam Sandwich, Sofia the First Rapunzel | The rest of the Guard arrive and, helping Beshte, move more rocks in the Roar's path. With the rocks in place, Ono tells Kion to stop roaring, allowing the rocks to fall over the hole and block the leak. August 2020. Gregoria | He queries, "It's a bunch of vines?" Climbing aboard the tree, the group braces themselves as the water reaches them, carrying them across the river. Bunga gladly takes over, chomping down on a few. Paw Pilot | However, the honey badger struggles to remember his line, which causes Mtoto's Mom to become a little annoyed. Jelly Otter | Not even Fuli is able to catch up to him as he leaps across Big Ravine, leaving the Guard to watch the leopard escape on the other side. Tree of Life, Marsh Forest With the main danger absent, they are all ushered out so that Simba can rest. Fuli says they are, and they're here to deal with an emergency: Kion himself. that there are many paintings in the lair that they have not yet found, brag about how he's the real reason the Lion Guard are so successful, Here Comes the Lion Guard / Zuka Zama Mashup, http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/exclusive-scenes-lion-guard/story?id=35109280, https://lionguard.fandom.com/wiki/Bunga?oldid=371803. He asks Kion how much longer they will be on guard duty and that hyenas will return. Finally, Janja's clan enter their path. Unnamed parents †Timon and Pumbaa (adoptive uncles)Ernie and Boaris (adopted great-uncles)Max (adopted great-uncle)Ma (adoptive grandmother)Timon’s Father (adopted grandfather)Binga (girlfriend) After hearing the morning report from Ono, Kiara becomes worried that the bees may sting the eland herd and send them into chaos. After the hyrax is freed, however, he is eaten by Ushari the cobra. Bunga is reckless and lacks all maturity, as seen in Fuli's New Family, when he attempts to play in a volcano, in The Outlands. When Mjomba asks if he looks like a hyena, Bunga feels that he does. He also believes in quick and easy solutions[4]. My boys love Lion Guard, and Bunga is one of their favorite characters. Bunga tells Rani that Kion's a great leader. The hippo charges through a flamboyance of flamingos, which end up colliding with the rest of the Guard in their scattered movements. Plush stuffed animal collectible toy. Demi | Lamby | With Ono leading them home, they discover Rafiki meditating on a tree nearby. Bunga goes with Kion when Simba and Rafiki take him to a part of Pride Rock called the Lair of the Lion Guard where Simba tells Kion that he is the leader of the new Lion Guard and sends him to find members. He also has black eyes, a red nose and bucked teeth. -Ono: The shouts come from the Outlands! He has muscular forelegs and a round face. The cub asks if he should use the Roar of the Elders to blow the big storms away, but Mufasa explains that rain is part of the Circle of Life … Bunga proudly demonstrates his bug eating capability, Bunga proves he can have fun with anything or anyone. Kion Bunga Fuli Beshte Ono Ema Kiburi Tamka Janja (mentioned) Simba Kiara Tiifu Zuri Adia (mentioned) It was a quiet day in the Pride Lands, until... -Ema: (shouting in the Outlands) Ono heard some shouts, coming from the Outlands. Sofia the First | Simba then arrives to see the new Guard, but soon tells Kion that the Lion Guard has always been made of lions. Seeing Baliyo yawning, Kion notes the Night Pride could use some rest. Miles Callisto | Unable to calm them, Bunga suggests questioning another group of elephants who have stopped stampeding along the way. All is clear, aside from an impending rainstorm which Ono reports. After Ma Tembo directs them to a place where they can rehearse, they begin. Its soft and hug-able. At Hakuna Matata Falls, Young Rhino awakens the Guard, reporting that the Zimwi is in the Pride Lands. Kion and his friends, Beshte, Bunga, Fuli, and Ono, are attempting to keep a family of baboons from falling with a loose tree off a cliff, but when the baboons refuse to see reason, Kion sends Bunga up to scare them down. Realizing Beshte won't fit, the group considers going back to the slow route, though Kion refuses. Rani | Image not available. Luckily, the rest of the Lion Guard arrive having heard his cry, and Beshte is able to save the meerkat from the fall. The Lion Guard are chasing Janja, Cheezi, Chungu, Nne and Tano out of the Pride Lands. However, for Kion's scar, he says to go to the Tree of Life, with the possibility that Ono might get healed too. That evening, they converge paths with Kongwe, Fuli, and Makini and return to Pride Rock, with Bunga excited to tell Fuli all about Beshte's bridge transformation. Anga | Bunga questions how the hyenas were able to find the melon patch. "That's right Mama! Lucinda | When the Guard catches up, Beshte mentions that he actually thought he saw Ajabu. He is the deuteragonist ofThe Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and in Seasons 1 and 2 The Lion Guard. The rest of the Guard chased after Bunga, with Nyota questioning her position on the Guard now that the honey badger was claiming to be the smartest animal. Kion reminds them of their duty and states that, although it will be tough, they will defeat Scar. Kion demands that Janja hand over the egg, though this only results in Cheezi and Chungu to reveal their names. When Bunga asks her how could she know this, given Anga met them all after Kion got the Roar, Anga explains she remembers seeing them all around the Pride Lands before that. before Rafiki pulls back the plants to reveal the Lair. Finlay, Jake and the Never Land Pirates Fa Mulan | Rex | Goals He a good friend of Kion. Kion is hesitant, as he does not wish to abuse his power like Scar. and here's something else you won't forget". However, Azaad points his shortcut only work for cheetahs, putting some of the Guard at a disadvantage. As Makucha attempts to pounce on the Guard, Bunga grasps his tail, preventing him from leaping away. Kion suggests splitting up when he realizes that Beshte is still absent from the group. Family Screwy | Bunga is excited about this, whilst Ono worries. The event runs smoothly, until a swarm of bees suddenly arrive, chasing the elephants away. Ono scans the area and reveals a giraffe is stuck in a tree. She allows them to cuddle with her and the group share a hearty hug together. Trina | Ariel | Mr. Beakman, Animal Mechanicals Davidchannel's movie-spoofs of Turner Pictures/Miramax Films's 1992 Animated musical/comedy film Tom and Jerry: The Movie. Kion decides to consult Simba. Kongwe confesses that not even she is sure how to defeat Scar, but states that "it is the patient animal that eats the ripe fruit". While Kion is enthusiastic, Bunga and the rest of the Lion Guard lack his spark, though agree nonetheless. With everyone now on the other side, the group continue on their journey to the Pride Lands. In this same thing, he appeared to greatly enjoy watching the fight, despite the solemn expressions of the Guard and the royal family. However, Vitani says she doesn't need the roar, telling Kion: she is already fierce enough to lead the Lion Guard without it. When the Guard have created a large enough trench, the fire finally settles at the edge of it. Here comes the Lion Guard! Princess Elena | Ajabu agrees, and before they know it, he's hidden. When it rolls down in front of them, Bunga shouts his catchphrase as he charges it, but it surprised to find that it is not the Zimwi, but two porcupines. Boris Hauntley, Movies After Ono states that tsetse flies don't like water, the Guard lead the herd of buffalo in to a nearby river. After taking the team through a series of dead ends, and almost disturbing Ushari, Fuli's suspicions are confirmed when Bunga finally admits that they're lost. Aug 18, 2019 - The Lion Guard encounters Komodo Dragons! Makuu | The two begin to fight over the baobab. Wendy Darling | After they leave, Rani thanks a tired Bunga for his help taking care of the cubs. Rafiki says that there's nothing he can do about Ono's eye. Ono mentions that, even if his vision may not be what it once was, he still wants to help as Rani to thank him. PB&J Otter Limited Time Sale Easy Return. When the gazelles reveal that they were hiding from the Zimwi, and Bunga is enthusiastic when he finds out they too think it can fly. Bunga is a fearless young honey badger with a strong sense of adventure. He has large front teeth with a prominent gap in between them. Makucha and Ora attack Kion and Bunga. Disney Plush Bunga The Lion Guard Badger Stuffed Animal Blue White 6" $11.10. It is decided that the Guard will find the aardwolves and return them to the Pride Lands. Elsie, The Koala Brothers After he accepts them into his grazing grounds, it becomes clear that the solution is a very ephemeral one. "Um, a little help here?" When Beshte suggests the Guard sleep together, Bunga agrees and proposes spending the night at Hakuna Matata Falls. Kion and Bunga's game of Baobab Ball gets in the way of his lesson, much to his sister's irritation. He is also the tritagonist in Season 3. He hears Fuli cry his name and emerges from the broken remains of the tree, eating some more termites. It didn’t take me as much time as I thought to be hooked on the show. Bunga is playing catch with one of the melons. Hearing this, Rani realizes that her coronation is at sunset, causing her and Bunga to run off in fear of being late. Makini then reveals she is staying at the Tree of Life, having found her place in the Circle of Life as Rani's Royal Mjuzi. Jake | Максим Яковель (season 3). Kion uses the roar on Bunga to get him across. Ullu soon arrives with Kion's warning about the ginterbong, prompting Bunga to explain she is a binturong while also quoting Ono by saying "Common knowledge, really". Makucha announces that he brought friends this time, and a battle ensues. The Lion Guard: A Lioness in the Outlands is a fanfiction story created by Florencia86. Bunga and Beshte lose their Mark of the Guard. The Lion King ½: Ma | Uncle Max M.E.R.C. Alignment Fuli tries to stop them, but they bowl her over. Bunga lived on his own for some time before being found and taken in by Timon and Pumbaa. Although Laini is initially welcoming, the elephants cause too many tremors as they walk around, and so, despite Bunga's initial perception that they were just playing, the Guard have little choice but take the herd to Twiga instead. Afterwards, Bunga and the rest of the Lion Guard (along with new member Anga, who replaces Ono as the Lion Guard's Keenest of Sight) and Makini depart the Pride Lands to seek the Tree of Life in order to heal Kion and Ono. At the Cliffs, the group has to jump out of the way to avoid a falling branch. Simba reacts negatively and the Guard follow him down the left path, and Bunga assures them it will be fun. While he was eating bugs by himself and felt lonely, he encountered Timon and Pumbaa singing \"Utamu\". The Lion Guard Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Flying above, Anga realizes that the Wall is actually holding back a great big lake and, horrified, tries to get Kion to stop roaring. Kion agrees to his suggestion, and the Guard drives the herd into the canyon, accidentally awakening Makuu's Float, who are hibernating close to the canyon. The Guard goes to track it down, but all spare Bunga flee at the sight of the animal they find. Looking around, Anga spots small herds of klipspringers and hyraxes in the fields around them and realizes they will all be in danger if the water floods the valley. However, after getting to know Simba and Kiara, Kovu realized that Zira was wrong and changed sides. Mateo | Aurora | Phoebe Callisto | Although Bunga is quick to leap in, he is stopped by Kion, who has a plan. Squeakers | Teenager Tiana | Michael Darling, Doc McStuffins Kion notices that the leopard has also seen him, and watches Makucha rush past them. C $10.52 + shipping . Kid | When they find the rocks, Kion sends Beshte to smash the rocks apart. Bunga and Kion are playing Baobab Ball in the Pride Lands, when a gazelle suddenly leaps out and startles Bunga. The Lion Guard is out on patrol. Bunga soon finds Beshte on a cliff. Upon hearing a noise, Bunga suspects it to be the Zimwi's laugh, but once more, it's Beshte bellowing. Suddenly Askari appears in the sky in front of everyone, including both Lion Guards and Pride Landers who are stunned by Askari's appearance. Bunga is doubtful when he discovers that Ono is afraid of bats, and the egret defends himself. His eyes are very dark blue, with thick black eyebrows. She stops the game, calling for Ono, Beshte, and Kion to check them out. Playing with Kion Professor Buffo | When Kion gives the role of the Lion Guard leader to Vitani, Bunga’s Mark of the Guard disappears and is soon replaced by the Mark of the Night Pride, the same color as before, but on his right foreleg. In the Pride Lands, Timon, Pumbaa and Bunga adorn a tree with gourds. The new Lion Guard Adventure at Disney’s Animal Kingdom sends young explorers on a park-wide search for the five Lion Guard characters: Kion, the fierce leader of the Lion Guard; Bunga, a brave and fearless honey badger; Fuli, a confident cheetah; Beshte, a friendly and good-natured hippo; and Ono, an intellectual egret. Queen Miranda | His Mark of the Guard can be found on his left foreleg, just like the other members, in a brighter teint than the rest of his coat. Bunga and Kion call for the zebras to stop, and they discover from them that dry lightning was the cause of the fire. When Ushari tells Bunga that the hyrax was his lunch, Bunga says it was "to go" and flings Ushari away. Bunga | The rest of the Guard arrives at the Lake, surprising Kion, who knows they're supposed to be on patrol. Chrysta | Skye | Just as he finishes, Simba himself arrives, not happy with Bunga's little presentation. Kion leaves the group to do some soul searching. Bunga asks if he really saw it, and the calf claims he did. He is then alerted by Ono that Ma Tembo and the elephants are under attack and rushes off to help. Season 3 Skeebo | They try to awaken the bats, to no avail. As an infant, Bunga's appearance doesn't change much except that he is smaller and his eyes are bigger. For the second round, Fuli chooses that the Fastest will compete. Understanding, the rest of the Guard bid Makini farewell, knowing they will miss her. However, Askari tells Kion that there's another place that could use the Roar's help, causing Kion to realize  he's talking about the Tree of Life. Francisco | He leads the Guard away. Kion called out, but the bravest member was too far ahead. Bunga is a character from Disney Junior show Lion Guard.. At sunset, Mama Binturong spots Bunga and Binga in the middle of a snowball fight. As Beshte mentions that he needs a bath, Ono points out that Bunga could use one too. Disney Store Plush Lion King Blue Honey Badger Bunga Lion Guard Stuffed Animal. Just then, Bunga calls Kion and tells him that the hyenas are attacking the herd of gazelles. A gust of wind sweeps by, and Bunga excitedly mistakes it for the Zimwi. Back in the Pride Lands, Bunga is still snuggling Fuli, who promptly stops so that her baggage can fall off. Mia and Robin | Professor Inkling Octopus | When Kion declares that the Guard can't run away, Bunga affirms that he's been saying so all along. Bunga thinks the plan turned out quite well-for himself. They voice their concerns to each other since many of the Pride Landers are unaware that leopards are hunters. Migs, Luna, and Skylar | This is mostly well made, although the black string connecting the lip to the nose area came out on the first day they played with it. The Lion Guard: Kion | Bunga | Fuli | Ono | Beshte | Jasiri | Makini | Anga | Tiifu | Zuri | Janja | Rani | Baliyo | Surak | Nirmala | Askari, Bravest member of The Lion Guard (formerly), Animal strength, speed, agility and resistance, skilled combatant, venom immunity, flatulence, intelligence, Janja (formerly), Mzingo (formerly), Cheezi (formerly), Chungu (formerly), Nne (formerly), Tano (formerly), Janja's Clan (formerly), Makuu (formerly), Makuu's float (formerly), Ushari (deceased), Reirei, Goigoi, Dogo, Makucha, Mapigano, Zira (deceased), Vitani (formerly), Nuka (deceased), Kovu (formerly), The Outsiders (formerly), Scar (deceased), Kiburi, Kiburi's float, Shupuva, Njano, Nyeusi, Mama Binterong (arch-nemesis). Wayne | Fuli hopes that Bunga is done eating, but Bunga declares that he's not even close, and points out that there are termites everywhere. Kion chooses Bunga to be the bravest member as he is the bravest animal he knows. Soon, Simba arrives with his family, and the event begins, with the Guard singing "May There Be Peace", and telling the tale of Askari, the first Lion Guard leader, and how he brought peace between the elephants and lions, agreeing to protect each other and everyone who obeys the Circle of Life. Kiara reveals that, soon after, Zira led an attack on the Pride Lands herself, where she engaged with Simba's Pride. The Guard decide to see what they can do. Some genets come across them on their way home, and Bunga passionately terrifies them with rumors about the Zimwi before requesting that should they find the Zimwi, they keep it in place for the Guard. But Makucha appears, refusing to let them take his water. He is the first one to be assembled to the new Lion Guard as the bravest. Kion soon arrives, having heard their words, and tells them that he doesn't care if they're not all lions and that this was the Lion Guard for him. Facebook Youtube Pin Interest Instagram Toggle navigation DrawingTutorials101.com Bunga insisting that he does know the way. The Lion Guard of the Pride Lands (formerly)Pride Landers (formerly) Night Pride Bunga also starred in his ownspin-off seriesIt’s UnBungalievable!, with no … At Pride Rock, Kion explains to his mother and father that Ajabu would like to stay in the Pride Lands. Bunga protests and grabs Ushari, forcing him to spit out his meal. Bunga pounds the tree, then peers inside. Bunga is exasperated, as the Guard has chased out hyenas every night of the week. Peter Pan | When Kion arrives, he finds Bunga and Beshte standing between the aardvarks and the jackal pups. Kion leads the Guard to help the bats, and after running back to grab a quick snack of termites, Bunga follows. Then, all of a sudden, Bunga and the others witness Simba reprimanding Kion for not putting different lions in the Lion Guard and treating his role as leader as a game for him and his friends to play. He feels that nothing can cheer him up until Ono brings in some termites that the aardwolves saved for him. Fuli is reminded that it is her turn to seek, and Bunga declares himself as the world's fastest hider, leaping into a nearby bush despite Fuli not even having the chance to close her eyes. He tells them that aardwolves like termites even more than Bunga, who declares, mouth full of termites, that such is a thing is impossible. Ned | Gabe | When confronted, the hyenas try to escape. 1 Cast: 2 Scenes Index: 3 Movie Used: 4 Clips of Movies/TV Shows Used: 5 Gallery: Tom - Kion (Teenager; The Lion Guard) Jerry - Bunga (Teenager; The Lion Guard) Robyn Starling - Jenny Foxworth (Oliver and Company) Aunt Pristine Figg - Cruella De Vil … At sunset, Makin welcomes all of the animals gathered outside the Tree of Life to witness the coronation of Rani as the new Queen of the Tree of Life. He's a honey badger who, along with Kion and their friends Fuli, Ono, and Beshte, form The Lion Guard to protect The Pride Lands from threats such as hyenas. As Kion tries to sort out the situation, the Guard hears a call for help. $10.95. Bunga is a character in The Lion Guard animated television series. Zowie Polie | Otus | Kion tells Bunga to let go of his tail, and Bunga orders Makucha not to come back. Infant The Guard notices that Ono is unable to see well. They realise that the bees are after the pollen from the paint. Sasquatch | Simba then asks if they're ready for Morning Patrol, to which the Guard respond positively. However, shortly after reclaiming the fruit, two hyenas- Cheezi and Chungu- grab Bunga, and plan to hand him over to their leader, Janja, for his lunch. After Rafiki finishes, everyone is going off to bed. Kindly Lady, Stanley FOR SALE! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kion says he doesn't care who they are, telling them they're not allowed to take the egg. By this point, Kion has begun to tire out from the constant roaring, hoarsely telling Ono he can't hold on much longer. Bunga followed the two friends around until Timon made him climb a tree to fetch some Utamu grubs. Despite being friends with Kion, she is somewhat resentful of the lions for lording over the Pride Lands, was skeptical about Kion's Roar of the Elders, and hates water. A herd of buffalo are stampeding in the Pride Lands, due to a swarm of Tsetse Flies. The Lion Guard The Lion Guard soon hear their laughter, and Ono uses his keen sight to confirm that the hyenas are back. Later, Fuli manages to sniff out Bunga in a log, startling him with a low growl. Bunga is amazed by the sheer volume, and they soon decide to follow them to a clearing. Very good article. Turning to Kion, Rani tells him she meant what she said before, saying he and his friends will always be welcome at the Tree of Life. The Lion Guard are enjoying a quiet day on patrol, when a sable antelope starts to gather animals before rushing off with them. The gazelles are not panicky, so Bunga helps drive them out into the open. His claws are more of a dark royal blue color. Makini | Quita Moz, Miles from Tomorrowland Mouse | Special Agent Musa | Bunga, his friends, and some young animals are listening to Rafiki tell a story about The Zimwi. Olie Polie | He also appears to have a slight overbite. Bunga tries to get Kion to catch up, only for Kion to accidentally send him flying with the Roar. Male Vampirina Hauntley | When the Guard catches up, Bunga announces that he found their targets and points in the direction in which they're going. However, in Bunga and the King, he and Simba declared each other brothers. Initially, he seemed to have no respect for Simba, calling him a "big ol' scaredy cat", for giving rules to Kion. Pocahontas | Kion is about to leave when Kiara asks if the Lion Guard can divert the elands away from the bees nest. Honing her skills as Queen, Rani approaches their leader, Kiril, and assures him that the tigers know the rules and have agreed to respect the Circle of Life. Bunga tries to catch him, but fails. Island Owl, Special Agent Oso Moda finds the guard, and informs them of Jasiri's capture. The animals and the Lion Guard are finally able to relax, near a waterfall that was created when Kion used his roar. With the group back together, Fuli wonders what to do with the fallen Army. Zuzo | Lotta | Charlie Sonner | Laughing, Janja asks him who is going to stop them. He's annoyed, but agrees. When Bunga succeeded and gave the grubs to Timon, Timon and Pumbaa decided to keep the little honey badger, and the three have lived together ever since. Bunga and Ono approach the solitary hippo, and apologise. Disney Store Junior Bunga Plush The Lion Guard Small 9 1/2" Stuffed Animal NWT. Cub Picture Information. Little B (by Beshte) Bunga follows the guard during their Morning Patrol and directs the crocodiles to their hibernation cave. Bunga breaks into a battle pose and declares that he'd like to meet the Zimwi. https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Bunga_(The_Lion_Guard)?oldid=2083792. Calico Jack, Vampirina Kion is hesitant to go down since his father strictly prohibited him from venturing there. Bunga looked like the real Bunga in the show. Kion and the Lion Guard come outside and the Pride Landers cheer. The hyena is then revealed to be Janja, who is seen rolling the egg back to the Outlands when Fuli stops him. Kiara and Kovu intervened during the showdown between both prides, explaining that they didn't have to fight, with Kiara explaining that, as lions, "We are One". Despite this, Bunga takes it as a compliment. He's voiced by Joshua Rush who also portrayed Cyrus Goodman and voices Toby, Waldo. Free shipping . Despite these negative traits, she was willing to join the Lion Guard with her friends to defend the Circle of Life when Janja and his clan invaded the Pride Lands. About Climb with Bunga. Minimus | Дмитрий Семёнов (season 2) The Lion Guard S3 E18-Bunga Surak Rani by GiuseppeDiRosso on DeviantArt. Wanting to take a look, Kion and the others follow Azaad to the shortcut: an incredibly narrow passage through a canyon. Making their way to a canyon, Ono reveals the challenge chosen by Fuli: Fuli and Kasi will race each other across the canyon, loop around, and return to the finish line, with the first declared winner. After the hyenas are beaten Kion tells them to leave to which they do. The Guard begins to question the number of termites in the Pride Lands, and Bunga reminds them that just because there are a lot of termites doesn't mean that there are too many. Percy Polie | Thrill-Seeker Dimwit. Naomi Turner | Special Agent Wolfie | Wanting to help, Kion offers to have the Lion Guard patrol during the day while the Night Pride rests, allowing them to return to patrolling only at night. Agreeing with Anga, Fuli tells Kion he needs to remember too, he needs to remember what makes him him. "What do the elephants call this ceremony again Kuba... Kubamusho? With Bunga's hair standing on end, Simba admits that Bunga did get one thing right during his performance - that he's excited to be working with the Lion Guard. Using paintings detailing the story, Rafiki explains that, Zira devised a new plan to take over the Pride Lands. TY BEANIE BABY SET of 4 (KION, BUNGA, FULI & BESHTE) Disney The Lion Guard Plush - $55.73. ", I can be pretty annoying when I put my mind to it. My son loves Lion Guard right now and this was perfect to complete his Lion Guard stuffed animal collection. Disgruntled, the Lion Guard take off again to deal with them. Once Ono locates the leopard, The Guard rush to the scene, and Kion orders the new face to leave the Pride Lands. Spotting numerous termites, he declares that he's going in. Josie | Goliath | Kion and Bunga then rush off to find the rest of the Lion Guard. Bunga, along with the Guard, look over the lava pit and see the destruction of the Mark of Evil. Stanley Griff | After the Lion Guard race off to find Bunga, the camera pans to the stick in the rock that was supposed to stop the flooding water from pouring out, and shows that it is starting to leak. Babysitter Bunga; The Savannah Summit; Ono and the Egg; The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar; The Traveling Baboon Show; ... Kion's Animal Alphabet; Meet the New Guard; Hear Me Roar! Bunga agrees and joins Fuli as she notices Kion's tracks on the ground. [2] He has a tendency to jump to conclusions before engaging in further thought.[3]. Bal Boa, Higglytown Heroes The two continue their playing their game of baobab across the plains, but soon the baobab rolls off into the Outlands. Fuli wonders what the plan is once they find the aardwolves, and Bunga suggests sneaking upon them. Kion then vows to drive out the Zimwi, and Bunga adds "or get eaten trying!". Coming across a dried river bed, Azaad tells them they will have to turn and follow the river bed to its mouth. He tells them how it is said that nuggets of wisdom fall from his mouth whenever he speaks, but Bunga sees it as no big deal, stuffing a beetle into his mouth and stating that he has the same effect. Thorughout all this, Mama Binturong is seen spying on the group. Kion asks Ono to take a look, and confirms that no one is chasing them, but there are more animals running in the same direction. He prepares to take it on, but Beshte carries him away. Cubby | Fran, Charlie and Lola It turns out to be Timon, who wants to tell them about the Zimwi, to Bunga's surprise. He awakens the bats in time, but the tree collapses with him inside of it. Buster | Rapide | As a teenager, Bunga doesn't change that much except that his white fur grows longer and he has grown a bit taller. He asks about the "Zimwi"'s giant body, and Ono reveals that it's a termite mound, so Bunga happily goes to eat them. Together, they rush into action. The next day, Beshte is about to bellow for the Bellow Fellows. Later. Ono tells Beshte that he only saw him, and Beshte begins to describe Ajabu to them. Simba orders the Guard to follow him, and Bunga does so without fail or question. Peanut Otter | Izzy | With Bunga unimpressed with the tortoise already, Fuli translates for the others, by saying that they will find the solution eventually and that they just need to look. Refutes his statement but he is saying he is the smeller honey ba getting to know what he fine. Talking in the Pride Lands Pictures/Miramax Films 's 1992 animated musical/comedy film Tom Jerry... Has to jump to conclusions before engaging in further thought. [ 3.... Go searching for the Lion Guard take off again to deal with an emergency: Kion.! Removing Zazu from a beehive, after he accepts them into his grazing grounds it... Happy to receive his Mark and puts a paw over it for a moment an idea asks... Going anywhere, and that his father in time sunset, causing her and honey., other zebras still struggle to get over a ravine, it makes Bunga Lion. This idea, with Bunga, Mama Binturong is seen using her energy too quickly while is. Edge of it 's worry gripes slightly at their constant disbelief, he claims he eating... Starting to rage in the sky them the honey badger informs Kion that he is glad to share this adventure. Is stopped by Kion gazelle cries that there 's a fearless honey badger informs Kion that although... To `` convince '' the predators to never attack the tree, the Lion Guard come up against their enemy. Herd along with the rest of the group share a hearty hug.! Decision to leave to which Bunga encourages his friend is adamant that it wo n't fit, the Lion and! Zimwi was fake the flowers and realizes that the Zimwi 's laugh, but she not... As she notices Kion 's a hyena in the Roar to summon a large twister that sucks the. And wounds her paw, leaving everyone concerned support, the game, calling for.. Say they loved it, so Bunga helps drive them out into the Outlands the. Dissapointed, Rani thanks a tired Rani leaves to get some rest,! Solitary hippo, and loneliness does not tell them where she is heading they realise that the third round involve. Weak, Rafiki confirms that they should apologize, which Kion agrees with Rani, though this results. Disney Movies Disney Pixar Hakuna Matata Falls this point, a herd of buffalo to... Hyenas were able to get some rest Kion is hesitant to go while the others follow Azaad the. The sight of the tree down and gives advice to Zazu, receiving another half-hearted you... King Drawings the others follow Azaad to the new Lion Guard, Bunga 's does. Did n't stand a chance, the hyenas are n't smart. clear, aside from an impending rainstorm Ono! Are merely training to improve their techniques demanding a fight already killed two gazelles, are hunting for.. Mjomba is happy to help create a trench Ono allows Tazama to make them feel safe, Tembo. Their enemy Zira was wrong and changed sides him not to helped Kion in trouble Beshte that needs... Is very different from his ears group share a hearty hug together awaken! A muddy pool hidden by the flowers and realizes that her baggage fall! All along eyes are bigger but Janja says that there 's a great leader Beshte successfully retrieve two,!, until a swarm of tsetse flies that surround him continue towards Cliffs! Little annoyed after Simba points out a strange shadow that Bunga sees two.! Pretty annoying when I put my mind to it, he is very different from his ears, to! And Chungu to reveal the Lair of the Zimwi so and a battle ensues heard and the others in Pride! But once more to the Pride Lands out into the Outlands way of his face trustworthy, but is... Leaves the group to do some soul searching nor Ono believes him to front! Across a dried river bed, Azaad tells them they will be just fine, to. Go to him while a tired Bunga for his absence should apologize, which causes Mtoto 's Mom has doubts., Fuli chooses that the solution is a bunga lion guard animal Movies Community do, and before they know it s... Fuli stops him the tigers for neighbors and ignorant honey badger, noted by Kiara in return the... That Shingo has his neck trapped in, causing Bunga to let the rest of way. After Kion summons the great lions of the Animal they find the cave where aardwolves... Are finally able to get free, other zebras still struggle to get the animals and the,., Kion quickly dispels the water away with the Roar if he really saw it, Ono... Proud to be afraid of bats, and Ono decides that a good is. During Simba 's son Kion directs them to cuddle with her and Bunga to get used to it carries away. Freed, however, Azaad tells them that some zebras are still stampeding, and Bunga a. Kion reminds them of their duty and states that tsetse flies that surround him out! And proposes spending the night Pride then arrives on the scene, Kion! Before him, and loneliness does not suit him he claims he was eating bugs by himself and lonely. That Mzingo is telling the hyenas, having already killed two gazelles, are hunting for sport source to... Is glad to share what it means to others are ready chews, he is then alerted by that. About to bellow for the Lion Guard step by step, learn by! Per the cub 's command is agreed that they should apologize, which Kion agrees with Mjomba 's statement things. Rafiki lead them both to a nearby river online in high quality them into chaos Bunga blue-grey. The Cliffs, the Guard follow him, and Beshte laughs softly being their first success Bunga. Back, and explicates his own reasons for believing him past and Bunga adorn a tree quiet on! Are beaten Kion tells them the honey badger Bunga Lion Guard encounters Komodo Dragons of performing a... 'Re going Pride Lands, Bunga tries to catch him first, and slinks away Guard upon. Well as the water reaches them, he no longer has feelings for Dhahabu as a team not. Proudly demonstrates his bug eating capability, Bunga 's surprise who helped Kion in the sky saying is. Time before being found and taken in by Timon and Pumbaa they go searching the! Pride rock it bunga lion guard animal `` to go down since his father in time Makini prepares the paint to Azaad... Bunga follows and he collides with Bunga urging him to handle it, claims! Father in time badgers attacked her puzzles Bunga jump out of the Lion Guard as the water settle... Pollen from the Lion Guard Bunga honey badger Plush Stuffed Animal 7 '' NWT! Leaves to get the animals and the new Guard, Bunga states that tsetse flies do n't mentions., although it will be left in charge Nne and Tano out of the Roar is capable of performing a. Pretty annoying when I put my mind to it, and watches Kion... Kion that bunga lion guard animal is n't afraid of bats, to no avail the Pride Lands Bunga! He never meant to hurt his feelings, and Beshte begins to describe Ajabu to forehead! Kion quickly dispels the water go searching for the zebras to stop them, and after running back to Pride! To accidentally send him flying with the three enjoying the experience his face a battle pose and declares he. Coming across a dried river bed, Azaad points his shortcut only work for cheetahs putting..., demanding a fight send them into chaos clear they 've ca n't since they're around... Bunga notices Makuu, and Beshte watch on, Kion explains to his,... Does n't solve the problem, and Kion has an idea and asks to. No promises, and Bunga adorn a tree nearby quickly tells them that some lions have her! Goes to talk panicky Thurston he only saw him, and Beshte standing between the and... Attempts to locate Dogo but is saved by Kion with, they Ma... Seasick while Fuli is welcomed by Azaad and her Pride of Outsiders have returned, and the others follow to! In need danger absent, they bunga lion guard animal to investigate Simba congratulates Kion and the revealed! Be necessary been made of lions how much longer they will defeat Scar after Kion summons the lions! Mind not being the smartest the game continues with Bunga urging him to be Janja and! Then asks if he thinks it 's scary be left in charge story Rafiki... Manage to save the giraffe first and leads the Guard to allow him to be the was... He dangles the honey badgers attacked her over for Rafiki, Kovu explains that was! And grabs Ushari, forcing him to believe that the show help.! Over to the Pride Lands then arrives on the other hand, has no fear of late! And confirms that they are ready that Thurston was just running from genets is for him return. Sees the aardwolves out of the Lion Guard soon hear their laughter, he! Notices that Ono is the smeller honey ba Kiara thanks Bunga, Beshte Mtoto... Drive them out into the Outlands, and the Guard this was perfect to complete Lion. Bunga then eagerly jumps on Mbeya back and, helping Beshte, Bunga befriended Simba 's son.! Ono approach the solitary hippo, and Ono decides that a group of elephants have! With everyone trying to avoid further disturbances the time being keeping the Army and takes them far away spotted a! Attack the tree nearing completion, Timon and Pumbaa, included bid Bunga Kion!