The white perch spring spawn follows the yellow perch. In addition to being prolific feeders, white perch … /* 468x60, created 7/22/11 */ Adult Size: Typically 7-12 inches, can reach 15 inches. It is believed that each Chesapeake Bay river has its own white perch population, since this fish likely does not venture far from the stream where it was born. In terms of coloration, White Perch are lightly colored, with silvery bodies and fins, and a dash of darker shades on their top side. Fax: (207) 287-8094 or (207) 287-6395 Konrad, M. – Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Des Moines. The average 8 to 10 inch perch weighs about 0.45 pounds and is about 4 years old. White perch is a close relative of striped bass. I have caught many nice White Perch on Mepps Aglias, but once again I was thoroughly convinced that the biggest ones come on the Size 5 dressed Firetiger with the yellow row of beads. This seems too good to be true or perhaps too bad. White perch this size are great sport on ultra-light tackle. /* 468x15, created 7/22/11 */ 1). Quick Facts. The lake regularly gives up white perch over two pounds, and 100 fish days are no tale. google_ad_height = 15; Measurement. Am I crazy? Typical Foods: Aquatic insects, invertebrates, small fish, and eggs of other fish species. Neighbor Gene Miller and I filled up half a five-gallon bucket with pan-size white perch last week. They’ll take hair jigs or soft plastics, inline spinners, and stickbaits. The main objective of this study was to investigate predation as a potential mechanism for biological control of white perch. Size: White perch grow to 19 inches, though catches commonly range from 8-to-10 inches, weighing less than a pound. Currently, there are no size or creel limits on these fish. In clear waters, the white perch exhibits a bluish tint on the lower jaw. Physical Address: google_ad_slot = "4551556790"; The fish is dark gray-green on the back and upper sides and the color gradually changes to silver on the sides below the lateral line to white on the belly. White perch are not a very large fish, so your presentation has to be appropriate to their size. //-->. White perch spawn in tributaries of larger water bodies in April and May. Adult Size: Size can vary greatly according to the type of habitat and the density of the perch population.A 6-year old perch can be anywhere from 6 to 12 inches long. Size-dependent winter mortality of young-of-the-year white perch: climate warming and invasion of the Laurentian Great Lakes. Alert: Stay up to date on Maine's COVID-19 Response, Home → Fish & Wildlife → Fisheries → Species Information → White Perch. Silver gray above, fading to silvery-white below with no longitudinal lines. A 6-year old perch can be anywhere from 6 to 12 inches long. Not really a perch, but a member of the temperate bass family along with white and striped bass. Identification. For some of us, the urge to bend a rod remains strong during the long, drawn out winter months. White perch: The white perch has deep pink flesh and is lean, flaky, and moist in texture. They are generally found in brackish waters and freshwater ponds and are most prominent in the Chesapeake Bay and New England region. Note the first column on p.27 of the 2012 Virginia possession limits for non-game fish especially Exception 2 which specifically lists yellow perch and white perch.